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The key to being a successful article writer is having the ability to concisely convey the article’s subject within a word count which fits your publishing media. Most articles will have limitations on space; whether you are publishing in print, or on the web—space is crucial.

The professional writers at Clarke International Writing Services know this, and have the experience to convey your message within the parameters you choose, while incorporating the correct style, and format for your media and target audience.

In addition, writers can offer advice on article length (too long, or too short), different perspectives to write from, as well as potential future articles on the same or a similar subject. Whether you know exactly what you want, or don’t know where to start, the writers at Clarke International Writing Services have the experience, know-how, and ideas to provide you with great articles.

Blogs are a personal webpage which often displays opinions and links to other pages. The difference between blogs and articles can be described in two ways; opinions and word-count. Blogs, while they can strive to be factual, often focus more on a person’s opinion of a subject or event, whereas articles should have appropriate citing of facts. The other difference is in a blog’s word-count, which usually is not a factor as space is rarely a problem, as opposed to articles.

Whether you have an opinion piece or a blog dedicated to factual information our writers have the knowledge and experience of writing thousands of blogs. What sets Clarke International Writing Services, Inc. apart from others is their vast array of knowledge which can put you in touch with the writer who has experience in your subject.

Writing a book can be overwhelming. Whether you are writing a book of short stories, an autobiography, or a novel for any age group, it is important to know the details behind the writing. Writing a book can be broken down into a few steps, which may seem simple, but quickly become difficult.

1. Planning: Know who your characters are, their motivations, and how the book will progress.

2. Layout: Do you know the number of chapters? Sections within a chapter? Words per chapter or book? These are all questions to consider when going forward. Did you know most genres have specific word count ranges they should be in, and no matter how good your book is an agent or publisher won’t even look at it if it does not fit the correct parameters?

3. Subplots: Books cannot propel themselves forward without a supporting cast of characters and subplots to bring a great story together.

​4. Flow: Every sentence in a book should be written to propel a story forward. If it does not, then the sentence should be rewritten or omitted.

​5. Twists: Every book has a twist of some kind. In fiction, especially plot twists are what quickly turn a book from okay, to great!

​6. Description: Whether you want to be a fluidly descriptive as Gabriel García Márquez, or as to the point as
​​Ernest Hemingway, our writers have the ability to write to the style you prefer.

​7. End: No matter how good the bulk of your book is, it will not be great without a great ending. The ending is what readers end with, and will remember, as they look for future books written by you.

​Regardless of the type of book you want written, we at Clarke International Writing Services, Inc. have the writer for you.

When it comes to a website content writing service, you need to know that your website is in the right hands. You cannot simply hire freelance writers and hope for the best. After all, your business is on the line, and one wrong move can spell disaster. That is why it is so imperative that you hire the right people the first time around.

Clarke International Writing Services, Inc. knows just how much rides on each of their content writing jobs​​. We understand the importance of getting the information right and speaking to the audience in a way that will draw in more customers. Many of the writers at Clarke International Writing Services, Inc. are also familiar with content marketing techniques, which will help improve the impact of the writing you need completed.

When it comes to your website, don’t risk putting your livelihood into the hands of anyone without the experience and dedication to your success. Contact us today and let us work with you to create the website content you need to set your website apart from the competition.

Did you know there are dozens of style manuals out there which give you the “correct” set of standards for writing? Most people don’t realize that every style guide is different from another. Why is this? This is because all style guides from the Chicago Manual of Style to the Associated Press Stylebook, have an area they focus on whether it be journalism, general writing, medical, or law.

The editors at Clarke International Writing Services, Inc. have a detailed eye, and a knowledge of style guides to know what set of writing standards your manuscript will fit. In addition to editing, our editors can give insight into your writing, what makes sense, or maybe confusing. If something is confusing or doesn’t seem to fit, we will let you know.

When it comes to writing, editing is the last step before publication, and it is important that you have the right editor for your project.

Most people have heard of the term ghostwriting, but few know what it actually is. A ghostwriter has the ability to write in many different ways, and typically has worked in several areas of writing. This insight gives a ghostwriter an edge to write for virtually anyone, on any subject. A ghostwriter, with only a few notes or slight direction can develop a concept, plan, and manuscript to fit your needs. Anything from a short article to a book can be ghostwritten, and in fact some of the most popular books have been ghostwritten such as Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and some of the Goosebumps books.

Why do people use a ghostwriter? There are many, but often it is the lack of time. You may have an idea that’s been brewing, but you simply don’t have the time to sit down and write. Maybe you find yourself in a writer’s block and need a little boost of a chapter or two. Perhaps, you don’t feel your writing skills are up to par. Or, maybe you have written your book, but want a ghostwriter to improve on it.

We, at Clarke International Writing Services, Inc. have ghostwriters on hand to develop, expand, and put to paper your idea.

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